Spiritual Life

The most important aspect of life for students at Melbourne School of Theology is their personal relationship with God. This commitment to your spiritual formation goes beyond the classroom and lies at the heart of our core value of ‘transformational theology’. Through a number of key initiatives, as part of normal campus life, we endeavour to nurture a culture of prayer, praise and worship.

Personal Prayer (1 Th 5:17; Mat 6:6)

Prayer is fundamental and not incidental or optional to all effective Christian service. There will be a constant challenge at the level of our personal time with God each day to keep these times fresh and meaningful, and not allow them to be crowded out by our lack of commitment or laziness. Using a personal list of subjects and people will stimulate and inform your regular intercession.

Corporate Prayer (Mat 18:19-20; Acts 2:42)

Community Prayer events are opportunities for prayer with fellow students and faculty members. Your Student Leadership will determine the dates and times for each half of the semester and let you know well in advance. Where a significant prayer focus is required for a critical need, lectures may be cancelled. The entire MST Community is encouraged to participate.

Retreat Days (Mk 1:35)

Each semester a retreat day is arranged off site for students, faculty and staff. These dates are planned a year ahead, so add them to your calendar, and be sure to join the MST Community in a day devoted to prayer in silence, reading of Scripture and Communion.

Prayer Notes

MST Daily Prayer Notes are available through the admin office bimonthly. We encourage you to become MST prayer partners. Our 500-plus praying partners make a vital contribution to MST.

Chapel – Tuesday and Thursday (Col 3:14-17)

As a central aspect of your personal spiritual formation are MST’s Tuesday and Thursday morning, 50-minute, chapel services.

The purpose of chapel is ultimately for the Glory of God through praise, worship and biblical reflection through His Word. However, it also provides an important forum to inform you about current issues in Christian ministry, the work of God locally and globally in mission, share testimonies, and provide an appreciation of the diversity and beauty within the wider Body of Christ. Speakers include faculty members, pastors, students, mission workers, and other Christian leaders.

Because chapel services are considered to be an integral part of your training and educational experience, and in the development of our student community, attendance is required. During chapel hours, the Library will be closed.

Students who are taking classes on campus during the mornings of chapel days (9am – 1pm) are required to attend both chapels, and, of course, distance and past students are always welcome.