Spiritual Formation: Worship and Creative Arts

Stream Subjects

Christian Worship: Introduction to Philosophy and PreachingPatterns of Spiritual FormationSpirituality and the ArtsPractical Ministry Field Education
Equip yourself with skills and knowledge for Christian worshipDiscover how philosophy and culture shape worldviewsLearn how to use your unique gifts to help lead others in worshipPut what you've learnt into practice with a placement within a church, mission group or para-church setting

Why Spiritual Formation?

Are you passionate about using the creative arts to bring glory to God? Do you feel called to use the gifts and skills God has equipped you with to lead others in worship? This stream offers subjects to help you grow in your ministry skills and transfer these into a church setting.
This stream will set you up with a sound biblical theology to help grow your personal and devotional prayer life and equip you with skills and insights for ministry.

Sons of Korah frontman now at MST!

It is with great excitement that we welcome Dr Matt Jacoby, high profile front man of Sons of Korah, to the MST team in 2014! Matt is teaching Christian Worship, Introduction to Philosophy and Preaching, as part of the new Spiritual Formation, Worship and Creative Arts ministry stream.

Outside MST, Matt is a pastor at Barrabool Hills Baptist Church, Geelong, where he has been doing most of the preaching and teaching for the best part of a decade. He tours nationally and internationally with Sons of Korah and has written widely on the spirituality of the Psalms,
including ‘Deeper Places: Experiencing God in the Psalms’, published recently. He also writes daily devotionals for the quarterly booklet ‘Thrive’.

Katie's Testimony

"I grew up in a single parent home. Life was tough at times. However, I know that life would have been a lot more difficult had mum not turned to the Lord when I was a baby. Time and time again I saw God provide for us, often miraculously. He never let us down. He never forgot about us.

I always had a passion for worship ministry and, at age 21, I moved to Melbourne to pursue an internship with my church. For more than eight years I have been part of the worship team and it has been such a rewarding and educational experience. I hope to one day be involved with a worship ministry where the prophetic voice of God is heard and declared in the songs written within the team.”

Dr Matt Jacoby