2020 Student Leaders

Josiah Hilbig - President

Josiah Hilbig is a third-year MST student, working toward his Bachelor of Theology degree. He self-describes as “outgoing”, so it’s no wonder that the community of like-minded people of similar age and experiences is one of the things he loves best about the College. Josiah is serving as president for a second year, and he says he brings “a flair for the dramatic” to the team—which makes good sense, given his experience in music and theater. Josiah has been deeply influenced by Nathan “Dubsy” Want, his former youth pastor, who taught him significant lessons in the areas of public speaking, pastoral care, and leadership.

Alice Romijn - Vice President

Alice Romijn, an international student from the Netherlands, serves as vice-president this year, and she says she brings “some Dutch down-to-earth-ness and efficiency, paired with sensitivity” to the Student Leadership Team. The Master of Ministry student is in her second semester at MST, and when she’s not studying, one of the things she enjoys most is going for walks, enjoying nature. It’s All Under Control is a book that significantly impacted Alice’s life, saying that it presented a “challenge to her inner control freak.” One of the things she loves most about MST & Eastern is the family feel and the level of trust she experiences within the community.

Rachael Costello - Worship

First-year Eastern student Rachael Costello coordinates worship for the leadership team this year. Her Diploma of Arts course is a pathway to her desired degree in primary teaching. Rachael grew up in a Christian home and made her own commitment to Jesus on a kids’ camp when she was in fourth grade. That spiritual heritage is also reflected when she credits her parents as people who have influenced her, saying that they give “their constant love, support, and prayer.” In her spare time, Rachael loves playing field hockey, and her competitive streak in board games is already legendary throughout the MST & Eastern community. While she says “I always win at Dominion,” fellow student leader Andrew Gray concurs, “As much as I rue admitting it, Rachael does always win Dominion.”

Lindsay Williams - Events

Lindsay Williams serves on the leadership team this year in the area of events and is taking it slow when it comes to her Graduate Diploma of Divinity program: she’s currently in her third year of a one-year course! Her desire for her role on the leadership team is wonderfully relational, as she hopes to walk alongside fellow students, to build friendships, and to encourage, support, and cheer on everyone at the College. With that good goal in mind, she brings an open heart to the team, as well as a desire to love and serve. Lindsay’s life has forever been touched by a friend who died from cancer, someone who taught Lindsay what it means to “live audaciously and 100 percent for God.”

Andrew Gray - Missions

Leading in the area of mission this year is Andrew Gray, who is in the first year of his Bachelor of Ministry course. While he’s just at the start of his MST career, Andrew has already noticed one of the distinctives of MST & Eastern: the closeness of relationship between staff and faculty that extends right into the friendliness and regard they have for students. When it comes to his free time, Andrew enjoys hiking or photography or—better still—hiking and photography. He describes himself as “zesty” and says that he brings “pizzazz” to the Student Leadership Team, and he credits James Lake from Fox FM with helping him learn to talk straight and to listen hard.

Hannah Stanley - Hospitality

What Hannah Stanley brings to her leadership role in the area of hospitality is absolutely essential: an ability to see the small things that need to be done—things that others often overlook—as well as the willingness to do them. This is beautifully demonstrated in Hannah’s taking this particular role for a second year. Hannah is in her third year of her Bachelor of Primary Education degree. She describes herself as “imaginative,” which is expressed in her hobby of story writing. Hannah gave her heart to Jesus as a little girl, but her faith became her own toward the end of her teenage years, when an answered prayer led her to think through faith in a deeper way and claim it as her own. Max Lucado’s book God Thinks You’re Wonderful has been particularly significant to Hannah.