Why Support the Arthur Jeffery Centre?

Since its inception on 1st January, 2008 the Arthur Jeffery Centre (formally the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths) has made significant progress in developing its activities:

  • Revising existing courses and adding new ones in response to demand
  • Increasing interest in both the Graduate and Postgraduate study programs
  • Increasing number of students doing research projects requiring supervision
  • Development of community course equipping the church and its members . These are available on request by a church or community group.
  • Special public events
  • The ongoing publications program of the Occasional Papers and Bulletin
  • Public speaking engagements and writing articlesessaysbooks by the centre’s staff and adjunct research fellows.
  • For this work to continue and develop in the future it requires:

  • The ongoing prayer support of those who endorse the ministry
  • Participation in the public events and advertising the work of the Arthur Jeffery Centre as appropriate
  • Supporting the work financially through donations to the Arthur Jeffery Centre for:
    – staff and administration costs
    – the development and presentation of community courses
    – the purchase of books on other faiths for the library
    – funding special events
    – funding student scholarships
  • What Our Students Are Saying