Why Teaching?

Do you have you a passion to faithfully and skilfully teach God’s Word?

Are you drawn to helping others think accurately and theologically about God, and His work in the world?

Teaching people the truths of Scripture, enabling them to learn skills to handling the Word of God, is a unique and specific calling requiring specialised training. The Teaching Ministry Stream will equip you with the knowledge, methods and skills to effectively teach the Word of God, whether you end up in a church, mission context, or more formal academic teaching role.

Dr Greg Forbes

Dr Greg Forbes is MST’s Head of Biblical Studies and has an incredible depth of knowledge about Jesus and the Gospels, the New Testament, Biblical Greek and Hermeneutics. He has taught hundreds of gospel workers in ministry or intercultural missions, over more than 20 years. He is particularly interested in historical Jesus studies and recently published an exegetical commentary on 1 Peter with an in-depth analysis of the Greek text, making interpreting 1 Peter easier.

Andrew's Testimony

“From the time I was saved in 2002, God placed a passion in me to minister to others and teach them about Him. I desired to teach Christians so that they would grow in Christ and share the Gospel with non-Christians that they might be saved. Before coming to MST in 2012, I spent five years as a local missionary here in Australia which God used to grow me but I knew this was not where He intended me to be long-term. I recently began an internship with my local church and desire to serve God in pastoral ministry after completing my studies. I still have so much to learn but even now God is using my training and background to teach people and help them develop further in their relationship with Jesus.”

Stream Subjects

Luke & Historical Jesus StudiesFourth Gospel (John)Pauline Theology & Romans
General Epistles: James & PeterThe Epistle to the Hebrews1 Corinthians & Ephesians
Introduction to Christian EthicsIntroduction to PhilosophyChristian Worldview
PentateuchThe Former ProphetsIsaiah
JeremiahPsalmsWisdom Literature