Australian College of Theology

Bachelor Program

MST’s Bachelor degrees are designed to provide the essential theological and Biblical training for a lifetime of Christian ministry. These awards aim to equip men and women to confidently handle the Scriptures and to engage actively and thoughtfully with the challenges of faith and life.

Students in the Bachelor program interact deeply with the Bible. They are instructed in how to read and interpret the Scriptures in light of contemporary culture and to apply Biblical principles to a range of ethical, theological and practical issues facing the Church. There is also a significant focus on spiritual and character formation, with various elective subjects aimed at providing unique, flexible and personally relevant areas of focus within the overall program.

Students first enrol in the Diploma of Christian Studies and must complete the 5 required subjects at 200 level. If a Credit grade or above is achieved the student may transfer to the Bachelor of Ministry or Bachelor of Theology and gain full credit for those core subjects.

Graduates of the Bachelor program at MST are sought after by the Christian community. They often go on to become pastors, mission and cross-cultural professionals, chaplains or take on a broad range of ministry leadership positions in the church and workplace.

You have the option of electing which Bachelor program suits your calling:

›› Bachelor of Christian Studies to integrate your Biblical studies with your professional university studies

›› Bachelor of Ministry to focus on ministry skills

›› Bachelor of Theology to focus on Biblical language and more in-depth Biblical study

“As a mature age student from a diverse professional background coming to study later in life, I thought I didn’t fit the ‘conservative mould’ for a theological school. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sheer diversity of students here – no-one fits any mould at MST. My favourite experience has been learning and worshipping together with Christians from such varied backgrounds and different parts of the world.”
Jim Raistrick,
BMin student