Australian College of Theology

Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry

Have you found that you have some time on your hands and would like to invest it in something worthwhile?

Would you like to learn how to navigate through God’s Word and become firmly grounded in the essential truths of Scripture?

Build a strong biblical understanding and explore MST’s unique evangelism, ministry and mission streams.

This short course offers flexibility so that you can focus on your specific areas of interest and complete it in a way that meets your needs.

The Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry is an ideal starting point for studying the Bible, mission and ministry. Whether you’re fresh out of school or haven’t studied in years, we have a dedicated team who will help you every step of the way.

This accredited short course is an excellent opportunity to upskill for your ministry. If you lead in church, bible study teaching, teaching in kids ministry, or other areas, this course will equip you with a great biblical foundation and provide you with opportunities to focus on areas that you are interested in.

This course offers you a huge amount of flexibility as it can be completed fully online or fully on-campus. On the other hand, you can also choose a mixture of online and on-campus units.

This study opportunity is being offered for a limited time and all these units can be accredited and transferred to other undergraduate courses.

FEE-HELP is also available for eligible Australian residents

Entry Requirements

Admission to the UG CertMin is normally on the basis of the applicant:

• having satisfactorily completed Year 12 in an Australian school system.
• having achieved an ATAR of at least 65, or successfully complete a Pre-Entrance Assessment Task.
• demonstrating English language skills appropriate to this level of study.

Course Structure

The Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry is comprised of one semester of full-time study. It can also be taken at a slower pace as part-time study.
Credit points refer to the overall student effort including contact hours and time on assessment tasks. The UG CertMin requires the satisfactory completion of 48 credit points. Units are 12 credit points each.

The UG CertMin is comprised of four units at Level 5 or above:
• 1 unit of Biblical Studies (NT or OT)
• 2 units of any Ministry unit (EM and/or PC)
• 1 unit of an elective from any field

Learning Outcomes

• A developed overall knowledge of the Bible and major theological doctrines.
• A growing ability to interpret the Bible and apply its teachings to your life and ministry.
• A further understanding of your own particular ministry skills and gifts.

Unit Options

NT001-512 Jesus & the Gospels
NT002-512 Early New Testament Church
OT001-512 Old Testament Foundations
OT002-512 Old Testament Prophets & Writings

Ministry – Pastoral & Church Focused
PC045-512 Patterns of Spiritual Formation
PC121-612 Theology for Everyday Life
PC047-612 Preaching 1
PC002-612 Pastoral Care
PC049-612 Chaplaincy Skills 1
PC004-512 Christian Worship
PC003-612 Pastoral Skills & Methods
PC035-612 Principles of Leadership & Management

Ministry – Evangelism & Mission Focused
EM021-612 Living Faiths
EM001-512 Mission Perspectives
EM025-612 Applied Evangelism
EM015-612 Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts
EM010-612 Aid & Development

What options do I have after this course?

Further study – transition into a Diploma of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Christian Studies (conditions apply; see the Enrolment Coordinator for details).

Workplace outreach and evangelism – develop a solid understanding of Christian faith and practice for work in any career or profession.

Mission or Ministry – gain further knowledge and skills for work in a local church or mission context.