Subject Summaries - Graduate

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Core Subjects

HistoryTheologyBiblical StudiesLanguage
Early Church HistoryKnowledge of GodOld Testament FoundationsNew Testament Greek
Reformation HistoryDoctrine of God and Work of ChristOld Testament Prophets and WritingsIntermediate Greek
Church to 1550Doctrine of Grace and EschatologyJesus and the GospelsPrinciples of Hermeneutics
Church from 1550 to Modern TimesEarly New Testament ChurchBiblical Hebrew A
Biblical Hebrew B


TeachingLeadershipPastoral CareIntercultural MinistrySpiritual Formation, Worship and Creative Arts
Pauline Theology and Romans (New Testament)Congregational or Pastoral Care Field EducationChaplaincy in Educational SettingsAid and DevelopmentPatterns of Spiritual Formation
Corinthians and EphesiansDisability and NormalityLiving FaithsContemporary Theology of Mission
Peter and JamesPrinciples of EvangelismChaplaincy SkillsCross-cultural Field Education
The Epistle to the HebrewsChurch PlantingFoundations of Christian EducationApologetics to Islam
The Psalter (Psalms)
Intermediary Greek (Language)
Introduction to Philosophy
Christian Worldview