Unit Summaries - Undergraduate Level (Bachelor)

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Core Subjects

The following subjects are required for the completion of your degree:



Intermediate Greek


Christian Worship

Pastoral Care

Chaplaincy in Educational Settings


Spiritual Formation, Worship and Creative Arts

Christian Worship

Introduction to Christian EthicsCongregational Pastoral Care Field EducationFoundations of Pastoral CareBiblical Theology of MissionPatterns of Spiritual Formation
Introduction to PhilosophyDisability and NormalityPastoral Skills and MethodsContemporary Theology of MissionPractical Ministry Field Education
Pauline Theology and Romans (New Testament)Foundations of Pastoral CarePractical Field MinistryCross-cultural Field EducationSpirituality and the Arts
Corinthians and Ephesians Introduction to PreachingChaplaincy SkillsCultural AnthropologyChristian Worldview
James and PeterPastoral Skills and MethodsFoundations of Christian EducationLiving Faiths
The Epistle to the HebrewsPrinciples of EvangelismPrinciples of Evangelism
Isaiah Principles of Leadership and ManagementApologetics to Islam
PsalmsChurch PlantingChristian Ministry in Islamic Contexts
Christian WorldviewMohammad: a Christian Perspective
Understanding the Qur'an from a Christian Perspective