Why MST?

Melbourne School of Theology is a non-denominational Bible college, based in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Since 1920, MST has been passionate about training those with a heart for ministry and mission with a solid Biblical grounding in God’s Word. MST also offers practical experience in ministry, working closely with local churches, mission and para-church organisations.

Some of the distinctives of the school include the following:

  • Non-denominational
  • Multi-cultural (including a Chinese Department, English Department, and students from a range of different cultures from all over the world)
  • Practical ministry and mission experience
  • Strong mission focus
  • A balance of spiritual formation and Biblical exegesis
  • A range of post-graduate study options are available
  • If you are already a university student studying an Arts degree, there are options to take up an elective with Melbourne School of Theology and be credited for it
  • Teaching is available on Islam and other faiths (Arthur Jeffery Centre)
  • Accreditation is available through the Australian College of Theology consortium
  • FEE Help is available for most courses
  • A strong sense of community is fostered through a range of events, camps and group work

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