MST is approved to deliver the courses of the Australian College of Theology including the diploma, degree, graduate and post-graduate qualifications offered by MST. These are self-accredited by the ACT under the authority of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). See also the website of the Australian College of Theology. CRICOS Provider Code: 02650E

The ACT is a national provider of state accredited higher education courses in theology. The College was established under the auspices of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in 1891. It is now an ecumenical consortium of some 3,000 students enrolled in 30 Bible and theological colleges approved to teach the awards of the College. These awards range from two-year diplomas, three-year undergraduate and coursework masters degrees to masters and doctoral research degrees.

The ACT has a centrally devised and managed curriculum and quality assurance process that is applied across the whole network of approved colleges. The day-to-day educational system is managed by the Dean from the ACT office in Sydney. Three academic boards share this responsibility. The Boards oversee policy, regulation, subject review and course structure for research, coursework and diploma awards.
The Boards are mostly comprised of principals or senior faculty members of approved colleges. A number of senior university academics also sit on the Research and Coursework Awards Boards to help ensure that ACT practice (especially in the outcome of the consideration of research examiner’s reports and general academic policy) remains in line with best practice in the university sector.

The College is governed by a Council. Its members are drawn from the General Synod, college stakeholders, graduates and members of the public.

The following courses offered by MST are Nationally Recognised:

    • Diploma of Christian Studies
    • Diploma of Ministry
    • Diploma of Theology
    • Associate Degree of Theology (CRICOS Code 059686M)
    • Associate Degree of Ministry
    • Bachelor of Theology (CRICOS Code 059668B)
    • Bachelor of Theology Honours (CRICOS Code 059669A)
    • Bachelor of Ministry (CRICOS Code 059670G)
    • Bachelor of Ministry Honours (CRICOS Code 059671G)
    • Bachelor of Christian Studies (CRICOS Code 059672F)
    • Graduate Diploma of Divinity (CRICOS Code 059677A)
    • Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies (CRICOS Code 059678M)
    • Master of Divinity (CRICOS Code 059679K)
    • Master of Ministry
    • Graduate Diploma of Theology (CRICOS Code 059675C)
    • Graduate Diploma of Ministry (CRICOS Code 059676B)
    • Master of Arts (Theology) (CRICOS Code 059680F)
    • Master of Arts (Ministry) (CRICOS Code 059682D)
    • Master of Theology (CRICOS Code 059683C)
    • Doctor of Ministry (CRICOS Code 059683C)
    • Doctor of Theology (CRICOS Code 059685A)