Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is a research doctoral award whose graduates make a significant and original contribution to knowledge as applied in the context of professional Christian ministry practice.

Master of Theology

Discover the possibilities of theological research that serves and equips the church

Master of Ministry

Receive thorough ministry training for your area of pastoral practice and form a solid grip on theology and biblical understandings.

Master of Divinity

Be prepared for ministry and pastoral practice with a comprehensive equipping of systematic theology and range of biblical studies and ministry streams.

Graduate Diploma of Divinity

Dive into theological studies to build a stronger understanding of the Christian faith and Scriptures with ample flexibility to choose areas of interest.

Graduate Certificate of Divinity

Gain an introduction to theology, biblical studies and ministry training customised for your personal development and needs with the flexibility to continue studying further.

Doctor of Theology

Become a career theologian and change the world by pursuing research to the glory of God and the flourishing of human communities

Doctor of Philosophy

Enter the cutting edge of theological research/ Join us pursuing relevant research that seeks to transform our churches and communities

Bachelor of Theology

Lay a strong foundation for any Christian ministry with an in-depth study across broad areas of systematic theology, Christian thought, ancient languages, and biblical studies.