Serving Christ In a Transforming Moment in History

“We are currently living through one of the most transforming moments in the history of religion worldwide. Over the last five centuries, the story of Christianity has been inextricably bound up with that of Europe and European-derived civilizations overseas … Until recently, the overwhelming majority of Christians have lived in white nations … over the […]

Bringing Together Our Alumni

Nearly 200 people recently gathered at the Alumni & Friends event where they saw old friends, worshipped together, listened to the impact MST and Eastern is having in the life of their students, and swapped life-journey stories with each other. It was the first time alumni met on campus since 2019 and the first ever […]

Empowering students to make practical change

Life is hard for Ugandan refugees living on the southern Sudanese border. Battling tough conditions, and having already endured 20 years of war, internal displacement, and fear of further attacks, it’s not surprising that people become stuck in a cycle of poverty and injustice. But Rev Dr Walter Onen has a bold vision and burning […]

Serving God as a CEO

BCV alumnus Sam Ringwaldt is the CEO of an innovative tech company that is reinventing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and radically decreasing carbon emissions. But his life-journey, and route to get there, wasn’t quite what he expected. As a school leaver, the main thing Sam wanted to do was to serve God […]

Some upsides to lockdowns?

When Bible College Victoria (BCV) alumnus, Andrew Menzies, began in his current role as senior pastor at Mitcham Baptist Church in May 2020, he was allowed only five people (including himself) in the building for his induction. Kicking off a new position in the depths of a pandemic lockdown was not exactly business as usual. […]

A Life-Changing Hospital Visit

From growing up in rural China to encountering Jesus in hospital, to becoming a Deacon in the Anglican church while studying at MST—God has woven a rich tapestry out of Grace Wang’s life. Grace was born in the Shandong Province in China’s north where her family foraged for food and were chronically sick, unable to […]

One closed door became multiple open doors

Sitting in chapel at MST, listening to a visiting speaker, was something Jordan Crispin had done countless times before. But on this particular day, the speaker was a mission worker in the nominally Catholic nation of Poland. And, as Jordan listened, he felt deeply convicted to consider Poland as a place of ministry to engage […]

God’s Evolving Plan

‘What do you want to do after you graduate?’ It’s probably the most common question asked of students finishing up at school or uni. But not everyone has a definitive answer. While we’d all like to think we know where we’re heading, sometimes the path to your future can hold some unexpected twists and turns.  […]

From DJ to Counselling: How David Williamson found his calling

As a DJ playing weddings, parties and well, anything, David Williamson had no idea he was honing his skills for his future calling…in counselling! Over his ten years of working in nightclubs and at parties, David would often find himself  behind the DJ booth chatting with people about things that were important to them. “To […]

Faith in Action: Helping women discover hope

Eastern student, Rachel Driscoll, isn’t just an excellent student academically and pastorally, she’s a dedicated mother of three, a long-term critical care nurse, has participated in mission work in Fiji and is a key member of her church’s pastoral and preaching team.  She’s also extremely courageous. Rachel has faced down several serious health challenges over […]