… Habits of the Heart

Intensive class being taught at WorldView

Recently, for the second year in a row, Tom and Sue Kimber and I spent a week at the Worldview Centre for Intercultual Studies campus in Launceston, where we taught a residential intensive subject entitled “Patterns of Spiritual Formation.” It is now one of the required courses for students undertaking study at MST.

Calling and Obedience

Two Women talking at Worldview, Tasmania

Are you waiting for God’s call, or is God waiting for your obedience? This is an interesting question particularly as we consider how language about one’s “calling” has attracted a certain nuance regarding our expectations in our relationship with God. We speak of being called into ministry or being called as a missionary as if it were a vocation limited to a select few.

A Theology Poem of My Life

Man Standing on rock holding a flashlight

My own testimony is closely tied to the question of “How does our knowledge of self depend on our knowledge of God?” At the age of 16, 3 questions that plagued me were “Who am I? What is my purpose? And is there a God?” Through our Theology class, I was reminded of and given new insight into these questions, and so here is my personal story and reflection.


Two boys holding an umbrella

“Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother” Jesus, Mark 3:35 I started Bible College in 1992 with great anticipation. I had grown up reading missionary biographies and longed for the day when my life would be worthy of similarly inspiring stories. As the years have gone on, though, I have become […]

God’s Holy People

A group of MST students sitting in the library

We have been focusing this year on two themes during our chapel gatherings, both of which have continued to lodge in my mind for further reflection. We have considered the fruit of the Spirit and the way God does His work of personal transformation during our teaching chapels. We have learned that each of the […]

Striving Towards Excellence – Master of Theology

Two Asian women eating

Some of the Lord’s work is achieved purely by trust alone, and some requires more than faith. But all of God’s work requires all who are involved to open their eyes to see how the Lord does it with grace and flare! In April this year, word came to us from the Australian College of […]

Student Leadership Team

Josiah, Mairead and Chris smiling

The life of a student is a busy one. Along with attending lectures and completing assignments, many MST and Eastern students have jobs, many have ministry responsibilities in local churches, and some have spouses and children. Even with those ongoing time commitments, though, the 2019 Student Leadership Team carves out time and energy to serve […]

Call for Memories

Person holding photo album

Momentum is building in the preparations for the MBI/ BCV/MST Centenary Year 2020. Down in the archives, Librarian/ Archivist Candice and I have been sorting the many photos taken throughout the hundred years and endeavouring to identify the people and events captured. We have also found some documents of great interest. For instance we have […]

Thirteen years of testifying to the grace of God in Kenya

People sitting along a table receiving medical aid

“We did not consider ourselves as good or powerful to participate in this ministry, it was the love of God that motivated us to respond.” “Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift” (2 Cor 9:15) are exactly my thoughts when looking back at our years in Kenya. Indeed, the grace of God surpasses our […]

A Tiny Seed – Ninety Nine Years On

MST Library pictured with books on either side, looking at a student studying

As a librarian at MST I have responsibility to care for the School’s considerable archival material – records of those 99 years, as well as memorabilia relating to missional organisations with close association with us. And what a treasure it is! Having trained as an archivist, I am passionate about caring for this material well. […]