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March 26-28
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Knowing Self & God
Fresh Approaches to Christian Identity & Spirituality
Friday 17 May
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Study Tour 2019
Spend Two Weeks on an Archaeological Dig
27 JUNE – 18 JULY
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Welcome to Melbourne School of Theology

Melbourne School of Theology is a non-denominational Bible college with a strong focus on preparing and equipping Christian leaders for mission. Whether you’re going into ministry in a local church, interested in cross-cultural work or just wanting to expand your knowledge of Scripture and grow in your faith, MST has the course you’re looking for!

From Worship and Creative Arts to Philosophy; Church History to Theology; Ancient Greek to Ancient Hebrew; Pastoral Skills to Spiritual Formation, there are a range of very different subjects and courses available.

Have a wander around the site for more information or pop in for a visit! Make an appointment to chat with our friendly Enrolment Coordinator about your study options.

Upcoming Events

  • 06Apr 2019
    Insights into the Qur’an

    Did Muhammad even exist? Did the Qur’an really come from Mecca? Are Quranic messengers and Biblical prophets similar? How do the Qur’an and Bible contrast each other?

    If you are interested in Islamic studies from a Christian perspective and want to better understand and explore some controversial questions then pencil the 6th of April into your calendar and book your ticket now.

  • 17May 2019
    Paradosis Conference 2019

    Knowing Self and God: Fresh Approaches to Christian Identity & Spirituality

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The latest MST Ambassador Magazine is available NOW!

Inside our Summer Issue:

  • Task Unfinished
  • Founded upon Certainty
  • Baroness Cox
  • Kununurra Outbound Mission
  • Alumni and Friends around the world