Australian College of Theology

Melbourne School of Theology is proud to offer a range of Postgraduate level courses. These provide students with the opportunity to pursue in depth a topic of interest or of relevance to their ministry preparation and to develop research and reporting skills at an advanced level.

If you are a church leader or involved in mission work, you will understand how difficult it can be to keep up-to-date with the needs of those you are discipling in our ever-changing world. MST Postgraduate provides you with the tools to help navigate your way through some of the issues and concerns the church is faced with in the 21st Century.

Whether it is researching the cultural isolation of women in predominantly Islamic nations, or investigating the impact of liturgy and sacraments on church attendance in the modern age, there are a range of study options available to you as a student at a postgraduate level.

In addition to the support and advice of a supervisor, you will also receive helpful feedback and encouragement from other postgraduate students at monthly seminars which seek to share research insights and foster a strong sense of community among students.